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THe Oldest Debate Continues

Many people have contributed to the debate over who will bear the title "Ireland's Oldest Pub", but now the results are in.

So, how do we know we're the oldest pub in Ireland?

Actually, the archaeological dating of the walls of the current building tell us that people have been enjoying a drink here since 900 A.D. - making us the oldest pub not just in Ireland, but all of Europe!

This fact is humbly confirmed by the framed Guinness Book of World records certificate hung just next to our open fireplace.

It's true that there are other pubs in Ireland and England that have tried to lay claim to the title. In England Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem (established in 1189 A.D.) claims to be the oldest in the world. The Brazen Head in Dublin, established 1198 A.D., has long proclaimed to be "the oldest", as well as Grace Neills in Donaghadee, Co. Down, established 1611 A.D. Furthur enquiry actually reveals that the Brazen Head took its date from a building in the area which was known as the Brazen Lady ar sed Haired Lady dated to 1200A.D. The official Guinness Book of Records dating for the Brazen Head is around 1600A.D. The nearest to that is Grace Neills at 1611A.D.

The debate even went before popular RTE 2 radio host Gerry Ryan in which the owners of Sean's Bar and the owners of The Brazen Head came face to face for the title. The result - The Brazen Head owner admitted, given archeological evidence, that Sean's Bar precedes The Brazen head by 200 years. In fact, according to the folks at Guinness, Sean's Bar is the oldest pub in Europe - and we're currently waiting for the completion of investigations to confirm that we are the oldest pub in the world!!

Sean's Bar (900A.D.) - the oldest pub in Europe.